Hope everyone had a great holiday season!

For a little while now, the website has been in a state of Ill Maintenance (capitalized for effect). It was riddled with spam and had a number of technical issues that just got worse over time thanks to my inability to update the software. Even after I fixed a lot of those issues, I started re-updating all of the previous pages and either updated them in the wrong order or left a page or two out entirely. : P

So, after taking a couple of days to update some things and streamline other things, we should be back on track, hopefully. :)

Having said that, there are still some things I will need to fix. But, they’ll mostly be behind-the-scenes things. You’ll barely notice ’em.

I did go ahead and fix this page in particular, as the previous version was using a wildly different comic font and the dialog was a big hokey. Hopefully, this works a bit better now.

In the meantime, now that the page is updated, my next step is to get some new content in here. That is in the works at this very moment. So, you should see a new page each week for at least the next few weeks! 😀

You’ll be meeting a few new characters very soon, as a matter of fact! :)

I don’t guarantee a regular schedule moving forward. But, I do promise to do my best to keep this story moving forward a little more regularly.

Thanks for being so patient! :)

Seeya soon!