First things first … THIS PAGE WAS REALLY HARD TO DRAW… >_< Second, those of you who have read the previous webcomic will recognize Lydia, who is finally making more than just a flashback appearance in our story. :)

She’ll be featuring more prominently over the next few weeks.

I’d tell you more, but having just completed this page about about 6:30am Saturday morning, I’m going to say that sleep is more my priority right now. 😛 So, enjoy the page! Leave a question or two if you have any. :)

Don’t forget to vote for Wandering Trials in the Top Web Comics forum! The more votes, the better chance of it at least showing up on the front page. :)

Okay, that’s all the energy I have for self promotion right now. 😛 I’m gonna head off to bed before my head becomes one with the keyboaedjsfh[auioravfwuiohyf



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