Yeah, I like to throw in little in-jokes like that from time to time.

So, we had an awesome time at AnthroCon! I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs about all the amazing people we got to see and meet. But, to be honest, my focus was pretty well scattered during the entire weekend. This is at least in part thanks to the hectic work week that led up to AC, not to mention the all-nighter pulled to make sure everything was packed and ready to go when we left at 3:30am on Thursday.

To start off with, our flight through United was delayed by a half hour due to a band of rain was was sweeping across the east coast. This ended up causing all kinds of problems for people flying in to Pittsburgh throughout the day, as it turned out. After standing around in the terminal for 2 hours without any kind of explanation from the staff, we were finally informed that we would have to see an agent because our connector flight would have taken off before we could reach it. So, they transferred us over to Delta in order to get us over to Pittsburgh. Thankfully, we weren’t charged extra. But, we didn’t get in to Pittsburgh until about 7 hours later than we were originally supposed to. Even so, that was about the only real snag in our whole time there.

By the time we landed at 4pm on Thursday, we’d been up since about 7:30am the previous day. So, suffice it to say, we were pretty sleepy. o_o Upon boarding the shuttle to the hotel, we sat back and idly listened to news radio. A surprising amount of the news we’d heard related to Boston, from which we’d just left. We got a good chuckle out of that. Mainly due to the fact that we’d been up for 34 hours at that point. (I should note that by this time my math skills were horribly impeded and I was going around telling people we’d been up for over 40 hours. This goes to show that I should never be allowed to calculate tips at restaurants if I’ve been up for any extended periods of time… just for the record.) After settling in to our room and meeting up with our roommate, we went and got our dealer and art show badges for the weekend, grabbed something to eat and fell asleep fairly promptly.

Even though Gaby and I have been attending conventions for years now, this was the first time that I’d decided to take part in an Art Show. Gaby had already done it once before, so I had knowledge of what the setup entailed by watching her go through it before. Still, I bit off a liiiittle bit more than I could chew by not requesting enough presentation space. So, one of the pieces became a display piece at our dealer table. Not a big deal in the long run, really. It added some color. 😉 (Note to self: definitely getting some graphic banners for table presentation next year.)

Now, for those who’ve never been to AnthroCon before, the Art Show is a place for artists to put selected pieces up for presentation. They have the choice of either placing it up for sale where viewers can bid on it, kind of like an online auction. They can also choose to simply put it up for display, but not for sale. If enough bids are placed on the art by the end of the art show presentation on Sunday, it will then go to a voice auction, where the price can be driven up even higher. None of our pieces went that far. But, Gaby did manage to sell all of the pieces that she put up for auction. :) I even managed to sell three out of the seven pieces that I’d put up, which ain’t bad for a first Art Show, I think. :)

Throughout our time at the Dealer table we were visited by a bunch of people, new and old friends alike. It was great seeing them all again. Some of them, we hadn’t seen in quite a while. That’s the most important thing about AnthroCon for me, really. More than the art, more than taking commission requests or selling comics and stuff like that, it’s about seeing friends we don’t get to see more than once or twice (if we’re lucky) a year.

As a matter of fact, I met one person this year that said something to me that will stick with me for the rest of my life in a way that nothing else really could. I’m proud of this experience above all others because he told me, point-blank, that I made a difference for him. He explained to me that while he was on tour in Iraq (one of THREE CONSECUTIVE tours) he read Wandering Trials in it’s previous webcomic format (you can check that out here if you haven’t read it before) and it helped to keep him sane during a very tough time in his life. O_o

Now, I’m gonna be the very first one here to burst my own bubble (just so no one else can do it for me). I’m well aware that my comic was not the ONLY thing that kept one of our soldiers from cracking under any kind of pressure. But, to think that I could even contribute in some small part to keep even one or two of our guys entertained and take them away from a dark place for even a moment means so much more to me than I can really ever put in to words. :) If anyone out there reads this comic and finds even a moment’s peace, that’s all the motivation I will ever need to continue doing this. I don’t want praise, or thanks for doing this. It is, of course, welcomed! But, if you’re enjoying the story, that is all the thanks I will ever need.

I, in turn, thank YOU. :) Words like that mean a lot to me. I now know who I’m doing this stuff for. And, it’s not just for ME anymore. :)

So, after that experience, the convention resumed and concluded in what seemed like the blink of an eye, with the exception of an all-too-brief moment in the spotlight at a Rock Band challenge (which we’d apparently crashed, rather than joined, as it apparently required sign-ups – we didn’t know… sorry, guys). Turns out I can sing Plush by Stone Temple Pilots at 100% on the hard level. Should’ve gone Expert. I’ll know better next time. 😉

At the end of the day Sunday, we packed up our stuff, went back to our room, ate and tried to get a few more pieces done. I have to admit, I slacked off this convention. When I wasn’t in the Dealer Room at our table, I was off with friends, or going to dinner with Gaby (I promised her a night off from the con, just the two of us, and I DELIVERED ;)). So, unfortunately I ended up bringing a bunch of homework with me. I’ll be working on that over the course of the weekend. So, expect new art in the coming weeks if you’re following me over in deviantArt or FurAffinity or… any of the MANY other places in which I post art infrequently. 😛 (If you don’t know where to find me, just Google “Pegasus316”. Trust me. You’ll find me. ;))

We got home after a fairly long travel day, prompting another long day/night of sleep and went straight back to work the next day. From there, it’s been life as usual. We had a fantastic time, though. And, now we’re REALLY looking forward to next year.

In the meantime, I’ve spent WAY too long writing this up. 😛

Go on with your day! It’s a long weekend, I’m told. Something about fire and work, or something.


– Pegs

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