A day late, I know. >_< Not trying to make a habit of this. But, this wasn’t my fault, for the record. On Tuesday, my monitor started doing lots of undesirable things. Things that make an illustrator that’s trying to ink his comic digitally very frustrated and wordy in ways that wouldn’t be allowed in public. 😛 Thankfully, I have a very dedicated group of friend-fans who, through no coaxing or cajoling (can’t believe I spelled that right on the first try o_o) on my end, immediately started hunting down discounts and deals on new monitors. They found me a great deal on a model very similar to the one that was burning out and within 2 days (thanks to express shipping and rush priority), I was graced with a new one and work was able to resume. :)

To those friends, you know who you are, you guys are the awesomest! :) (Not so surprised that wasn’t spelled right… still… that SHOULD be a word, dammit ;P)

Anyway, I had originally planned to make the door to Lydia’s office some type of textured glass. But, the more I looked at the result of the effect in Photoshop, it just didn’t feel right. So, instead, I made it frosted glass… well, I implied that, anyway. I was also going to have her name painted on the door itself, but figured that didn’t seem right, either. It would seem to me something like that would appear more in a law office or something. In her case, it would have been on a plaque to the side of her office door, which just isn’t visible from the angles shown here. So… food for thought for future scenes, I guess. 😉

I realize just about everyone knows who is in the doorway. But, for those who don’t, you’ll find out next week. 😉

In the meantime… That darn Doctor Jo– I mean PROFESSOR Jones!! o_o (Hey, it’s not unlikely…. Dude drank from the Holy Grail for cryin’ out loud. I’m pretty sure that means he gets some extra life in him.) He’s not gonna be a regular or anything. I just needed to show that there were actual repercussions based on the implied events of the first page of Chapter/Issue 1.

We’ll find out more and see what actions are going to take place in the pages to come. :)

Stick around! The plot thickens. 😉



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