Fans of the original webcomic won’t readily recognize this place, though they should. This is where Karen and Eric eventually wound up in that version of the story, too. You’ve just never seen the neighborhood that surrounded it prior to this. XD

As for last week’s cover, as of this posting, I’m STILL working on it. 😛 It’s been a labor of love. And, while it’s ALMOST finished, it still has some fine tuning on the background elements that need to be taken care of. Hopefully, in the next day or so, that’ll be taken care of. As soon as I have it finished up, I’ll post it here in all it’s finished glory for everyone to check out. :)

Not much else to report right at this time. Work resumes as normal. You’re gonna like what you see. That’s a promise. 😉

Seeya next week!


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