I present to everyone, the final line art for the cover of Wandering Trials #3! :)

Sadly, I didn’t think to save a copy of the sketch that led to this image. The version I posted on Saturday was faaar different from this one in a lot of ways. Go ahead, hit the back button and you’ll see. :)

Also, for the sake of full disclosure, those flowers were taken directly from a photo of an arrangement. … Yeah. I traced. :\ I have a personal deadline for this comic. So, I didn’t want it to fall behind while I drew out a heavily detailed arrangement from scratch. I did, however, only do outlines, and then worked in extra details from there on my own. So, I hope that helps to some small degree. : P

In the meantime, I’ve been on LiveStream all week while working on this. The viewers have all been awesome, and I really appreciate their patience with me while working on this. :) The color work should make things interesting again pretty quickly. 😉

If anyone is interested in sneaking a peak while I work on this, you can always watch my Twitter for announcements of when I’ll be on LiveStream. You can also watch any of my art gallery journals or even watch Wandering Trials on Facebook! :)

Don’t forget to vote for Wandering Trials in the Top Web Comics List! :)

I’ll be working up some extras soon, folks. :)

Come back soon to see the finished color cover! And, then be ready for Page 1 of Chapter 3 this Saturday! It just gets better from here. 😉



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